Tips & Tricks on SuperMega Cassettes / Whole Mount Tissue Processing

You will be given with practical tips and suggestions from our presenter, whom uses SuperMega cassettes on a routine basis.
22 Nov 2018

Formalin-Free Tissue Handling: OR to Pathology

Learn to transport surgical samples from operating theaters to pathology laboratories in safer and more economical manner.
10 May 2018

Bone Marrow Decalcification Optimization

Discover how to decalcify and process bone marrow, to obtain optimal morphology and superior macromolecules yield.
06 Sep 2018

Digital Documentation of the Grossing Step

This webinar will provide a comprehensive description on how to document the delicate step of tissue grossing, digitally.
28 Jun 2018

New Protocol for Frozen Fat-Cutting

On this unique opportunity you will learn our protocol to cut fatty-tissues and obtain optimal frozen sections morphology.
22 Mar 2018