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High Throughput Tissue Processor

Unmatched Turn-Around-Time & Lowest Operational Cost

MAGNUS is designed to accomplish what no other processor can: unmatched Turn-Around-Time with top tissue quality and built-in safety for specimens and personnel at a fraction of the cost. Auto-embedding built-in capability on regular processing protocols with Milestone’s Synergy System.
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MAGNUS Tissue Processor


with charcoal fume filters


for continuous loading


for an optimized workflow


to avoid post-run cleaning cycles


to avoid unwanted delays due to wax shortages (optional)


to guide the user through the entire protocol


for wax replacement


for reagents’ commercial tank


to detect reagents’ purity (optional)

Greater Turn Around Time

MAGNUS dual retorts and dual robotic arms allow for continuous batch loading or standard overnights to adjust to the lab’s Turn-Around-Time. The robotic arms automatically transfer the rack from the reagent retort to the paraffin retort, freeing the first cavity for a new rack. Large surgical tissues and biopsies can be processed on the same long run without any quality impact to biopsies (great for overnight run). MAGNUS will empower the lab manager to meet and overachieve the TAT target.
MAGNUS has a dedicated wax retort and does not pump wax in and out eliminating time-consuming cleaning cycles and making wax clogs a thing of the past. Same-day diagnosis at your convenience: small biopsies are rapidly processed using the dual retorts and dual robotic arms, avoiding workload peaks. To further optimize the workflow, larger specimens, such as fatty tissues like colon and breast, can also be rapidly processed, either during the day or overnight.

High Quality Results

Why is MAGNUS processing quality superior?

1. Properly fixed tissues (great for overnight runs)

The shorter more efficient MAGNUS processing protocols allow for the tissue to be held in formalin for several hours prior to processing (ready first thing in the morning).

2. No over dehydration

Shorted processing times in ethanol will prevent extraction of bound water (over dehydration).

3. No Xylene (aggressive solvent)

The use of Ethanol and Isopropanol alcohols (xylene-free) ensures better outcomes while maintaining user safety.

4. CAP/ASCO guidelines full compliance

MAGNUS fulfills all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing Her2, ER and PgR testing in breast tissues.
Ease of Use – No Reagents Transfer

Ease of Use – No Reagents Transfer

MAGNUS can use commercially available jugs for the reagent change, thus no decanting is required. The operator will only need to change the exhausted jugs with new ones: reagent change done in seconds.
  • No decanting of reagents
  • No exposure to toxic fumes
  • No wasted tech time decanting and cleaning up spills
  • No tech error by barcode scanning the reagent into the proper position

Specimens and Personnel Safety

MAGNUS standard protocols use Ethanol and Isopropanol alcohols, xylene-free, to secure better operating conditions for the users. At the same time, safety of the biospecimen is ensured by the split manifold that separates water-based and alcohol-based solutions to prevent cross contamination.
A state-of-the-art ultrasonic reagent sensor (optional) will detect any exhausted or water contaminated alcohol-based reagents and avoid its usage. MAGNUS delivers top specimen quality and severe reduction in re-processed tissues thanks to its overnight proper fixation, with tissues fully processed first thing in the morning.

Cost and Time Savings

Cost and Time Savings

The elimination of xylene and clearing solvents has a substantial impact on toxic reagent disposal costs, extending the life of paraffin wax up to a month. No pump in/out of wax (thanks to the dedicated wax retort) eliminates the need for cleaning cycles at the end of each processing run, with a significant saving in reagents cost and improved TAT, as operators can immediately start another processing run. Downtime for decanting reagents is also eliminated.


24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

Track, monitor and manage specimens throughout their journey.
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The Perfect Partners to your MAGNUS

Auto-Embedding with Synergy

Processing Plus Embedding in One Step
Processing Plus Embedding in One Step
Milestone’s auto-embedding system (Synergy) is a revolutionary, patented rack system that allows for the auto-embedding of tissues during the regular processing protocols. It is simple, yet powerful. Milestone developed the Synergy System to help labs overcome the challenges of staff shortages.


Automatic & Efficient Rack Scanning
Milestone Trackers
Accurate and reliable cassettes tracking with Milestone’s Dual-Sensor Technology to scan, check and track cassettes, so that any missing or unreadable codes are detected, and all cassettes are counted. Milestone Trackers deliver significant time savings with error-free automation.

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