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3 Key Factors that impact on your Tissue Processing Workflow

3 Key Factors that impact on your Tissue Processing Workflow
In today’s pathology landscape, there’s a concerted effort towards enhancing laboratory workflows to streamline operations, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and prioritize result quality and patient safety. But what exactly are the pivotal elements that drive these improvements?

During the webinar session, our Application Specialist highlights the primary challenges of tissue processing, with a special focus on samples management, reagents exchange and traceability. Through live streaming directly from our new Milestone laboratory, you will learn best practices and strategies tailored to optimize your tissue processing workflow, and answer the main needs of today’s laboratories.

What you will learn

  • Improve samples management through automation and best practices
  • Save time and costs during reagents exchange, with priority to operator safety
  • Enhance traceability before and after processing

Key Topic

  • Samples Processing
  • Reagents Management
  • Traceability


Irene Angeloni
Irene Angeloni
Application Specialist

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