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Safe Prefilled Formalin Container

Achieve Safety when Handling Biopsy Containers

FormSAFE is an innovative prefilled container designed to prevent formalin exposure when working with biopsies. The formalin layer is protected by a specially designed floating shield fluid, engineered to be non-miscible with formalin, ensuring a constant barrier against toxic fumes.
This protects operators at every step, from specimen collection in the operating room to the grossing step in anatomic pathology.
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FormSAFE Safe Formalin Prefilled Container


to prevent the escape of fixative fumes


for specimen collection, transportation and storage

Superior Operator Safety

FormSAFE is the safer alternative to traditional prefilled containers, as it dramatically reduces operator exposure to formalin during collection, transport and storage. The floating component above the formalin protects the operator from toxic vapors. The floating fluid is non-toxic to operators and inert to biospecimens. It is immiscible with formalin even when agitated; the layer quickly reforms, always ensuring operator and specimen protection.

Conventional Prefilled Containers

Toxic Fumes

Conventional Prefilled Container


NO Toxic Fumes

FormSafe Container

Easy to Use and Implement

The FormSAFE floating shield technology is easy to implement at the collection and grossing/processing points, as it does not require any change to your laboratory workflow or protocols. The endoscopist can easily release the biopsy from the forceps by dipping them into the fluid without being exposed to formalin fumes or requiring formalin transfer. In the AP lab, the histologist can open the container and pick up the specimen without any risk of fumes or spillages.
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