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HistoDream EW

Embedding Workstation
with Biospecimen Traceability

What if Embedding is Joined with Traceability?

HistoDream EW is a robust and reliable embedding center designed to meet histotechs’ needs. The unit offers configuration flexibility and also allows for visual verification of the specimen at the time of grossing. The operator can review the images and videostaken at the time of grossing, and visually check the specimen size and quantity at embedding to be sure they match.
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HistoDream EW Embedding Workstation


5 liters storage

Tracking System

to review images and videos of grossing process


for parameters set up


with large cooling surface for 60 standard or 45 synergy molds


with programmable heating and wide storage capacity (up to 400 molds and 300 cassettes)


compatible with all types of cassettes (including Mega and SuperMega)


for cassettes and molds

High Modularity

HistoDream EW is a modern, cost-effective and efficient alternative to standard embedding systems.
The three independent modules offer flexibility and ergonomics, allowing labs to arrange the embedding workflow in the direction that best suits their daily needs.
Thermal Module

Thermal Module

This module has storage capacity for up to 400 molds, programmable heating, and space suitable for Mega and SuperMega cassettes. It can accommodate up to 300 cassettes and is compatible with Milestone tissue processing racks or any standard rack on the market.
Dispensing Module

Dispensing Module

Compatible with all cassette types, HistoDream Dispensing Module is equipped with two built-in paraffin trimmers, heated forceps wells, and a paraffin reservoir of 5 liters. All parameters are easily programmable through the user interface.
Cold Module

Cold Embedding Module

HistoDream CM provides even temperature distribution over the entire cooling surface, optional temperature range from 0 to -12°C, and enough space for 60 standard molds. It also uses an environmentally safe refrigerant (R134a). The module can be placed on either side of the dispensing console or can be used as a stand-alone unit.
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visual check for specimen documentation

Enhanced Traceability

Histotechs have the possibility to retrieve digital images of each cassette taken at the time of grossing. With a simple scan of the cassette’s barcode, the operator can visually check the biopsies/specimens conformity to their original shape and quantity, as images recorded with Milestone’s Digital Imaging System MacroPATH are displayed on the HistoDream Tracking System. Detection of mismatched numbers, tissue size or type of specimen before embedding allows for early corrective actions.

Easily Programmable

All embedding parameters can be programmed according the different needs of each laboratory through the Dispensing Module control panel.
The reservoir and conduits are always heated and ready at any time, even for urgent or unexpected samples.
Easily Programmable

compatible with any cassette type

Compact Design & Compatibility

The system’s extreme modularity and compactness enable the operator to optimize the laboratory’s setup and maintain an organized and efficient workflow.
HistoDream EW is compatible with all cassettes types, including Mega and SuperMega cassettes.

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