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Our Solutions for

Our mission is to reduce patient anxiety by providing pathologists with technologies for same-day diagnostic results. Today, Milestone is proud to offer innovative solutions in many different fields: from the Surgical Theatres to Anatomical Pathology, our technologies aim at creating a better laboratory environment for all the medical staff involved.

Surgical Theatres And Operating Rooms

To improve specimens handling and tissue fixation, our units employ vacuum transfer systems and eliminate formalin exposure, along with the added benefit of monitoring specimen conditions during transportation from the surgery suite to the AP lab.


Milestone’s solution enables to rapidly collect and deliver images of the highest quality directly on-site, reducing waiting times and enhancing patient management.


Milestone’s unit allows to capture images and record visual/audio notes for a more comprehensive and time-saving documentation of autopsies, necropsies and forensic cases.


Milestone offers an innovative solution by standardizing the flash-freezing process for biospecimens. This approach includes the implementation of evidence-based freezing protocols and comprehensive documentation to maintain high quality assurance standards.

Research & Teaching

Milestone solutions can be used as valuable teaching tools to educate students. Pathologists can organize live demonstrations or access an extensive database of real cases, always maintaining the highest levels of safety.