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Auto-embedding System:
Processing + Embedding All-in-One

Skip the Manual Embedding Step

Embedding represents one of the most critical bottlenecks in the histology workflow. This time-consuming procedure is carried out manually, and it is therefore operator dependent. Synergy technology eliminates the need to reopen the cassettes and reorient the tissues. The dedicated rack and consumables, in combination with Milestone tissue processors, allow the automatic embedding of up to 45 cassettes per run, regardless of the size and type of tissue. Synergy completely removes the tedious embedding step by utilizing a single tissue processing and embedding protocol.
  • Optimization and Efficiency
    Optimized Laboratory Workflow
  • Quality
    Optimal Flat Positioning of Specimens
  • Fast
    Reduced Turnaround Time
  • Ready to Use
    Reduced Trimming Time
  • Cost Savings
    Time and Cost Savings
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with a capacity of up to 45 cassettes

SYNERGY Consumables

Molds and pads in standard and biopsy sizes

Easy and Fast Cassette Preparation

Step 1

Step 1
Place the specimen in the plastic mold and cover it with the Synergy sponge.

Step 2

Step 2
Clip the standard cassette into the mold, using it as a cover for the tissue.

Step 3

Step 3
Place the assembled mold in the Synergy rack slot. Load the rack into your Milestone tissue processor.

From Auto-Embedding to the Cutting Step

Step 4

Step 4
At the end of the automatic tissue processing and embedding steps, slide the cassettes out of the rack and place them on a cold plate.

Step 5

Step 5
The mold is easily opened, enabling a quick release of the specimen, which is ready for cutting.

Step 6

Step 6
With the Synergy method, trimming time is reduced. There is no need to modify your standard cutting procedure at the microtome.
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Patented Technology for Processing + Embedding in One Step

The innovative Synergy technology allows operators to perform simultaneously processing plus embedding. The unique design of the rack enables the movement of the mold+cassette into two positions during the processing step. Through a leverage system, the ring placed at the bottom of the processor retort moves the mold+cassette from an angled for the processing step, to a horizontal for the embedding step.

Angled Position

During fixation and through all other reagent steps, the molds in the rack are held at an angled position.
This allows free circulation of reagents, and the fluids can flow in and out without retention.
Angled position

Horizontal Position

At the end of wax impregnation, the rack is automatically lifted by the processor, and the molds are held at a horizontal position to collect the required paraffin and automatically embed the tissue.
Horizontal position

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The SYNERGY technology for processing plus embedding fits all Milestone’s automatic and semi-automatic tissue processors.

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