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Mobile Macro Digital Imaging System for Autopsy Procedures

Full Digital Documentation for Post Mortem Investigations

MacroVIEW is a comprehensive macro digital imaging system designed to streamline and standardize the documentation of autopsy procedures.
It combines all the necessary tools within a single platform, allowing for the capture of images, recording of audio, and recording of videos of whole bodies, body parts, or large organs.
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(up to 20MP) with a 20x optical zoom and 5″ LCD monitor


with all functions to capture and store images, videos and audios


with motorized height adjustment and swing arm


for easy cleaning and complete disinfection


with built-in long-lasting battery


for whole body pictures
196 cm x 110 cm
(77.2’’x 43.3’’)

Digitalize Autopsy Documentation

MacroVIEW eliminates the need for using commercial cameras or smartphones for forensic documentation. With its high-resolution camera and user-friendly control terminal, operators can effortlessly capture and store images, record audio, and record videos to support case descriptions. By integrating these tools into a single platform, MacroVIEW enhances workflow, saves time, and improves diagnostic results. Digitalize Autopsy Procedures

Legal Evidence for Forensic Investigation

Forensic institutes require digital evidence for case filing. MacroVIEW facilitates this process by associating images and videos with the case ID number, enabling full digital documentation for quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA). It provides digital evidence for forensic and legal investigations, resulting in significant time and cost savings.
Legal Evidence for Forensic Investigation
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Safer for Operators and Specimens

Remote Viewing and Editing

MacroVIEW allows for real-time editing of images during or after the autopsy. The documents can be easily shared through the network (LAN) or integrated into the Laboratory Information System (LIS) or PACS. Pathologists can conveniently view and edit images, measure sizes and surfaces, add text and sections, or create freehand drawings from their office.

Teaching & Education

The high-definition digital material captured during post-mortem examinations serves as valuable educational resources for medical students, residents, and other professionals involved in the field. These materials can be readily used for presentations, conferences, and live-streaming.
Safer for Operators and Specimens

Image-Enhanced Reports

MacroVIEW combines all essential tools into a single platform, offering a reliable solution for generating comprehensive IER. The report includes relevant documentation, which is automatically stored, linked to the case ID number, and easily accessed remotely.
This digitization not only enhances the safety of the procedures, but also standardizes the documentation method, thus contributing to increased efficiency and accuracy in the autopsy process.
Image-Enhanced Report


In addition to its superior flexibility during the autopsy process, MacroVIEW can be easily moved across different tables thanks to its built-in, long-lasting battery and complete mobility.
MacroVIEW across different tables

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