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Tissue Processing

Highest Uptime, Lowest Operational Cost

Milestone’s solutions enable same-day diagnosis through fast, automated, and continuous loading processes for urgent biopsies. Paraffin transfers and cleaning cycles are eliminated, saving time, reducing blockages, and offering a cost-effective approach.

  • Superior Quality
    Proved excellent Morphology, IHC and Molecular Biology results.
  • Enhanced Workflow
    Automated, dual processing; continuous loading; multiple laboratory applications.
  • Specimen and Operator Safety
    Smart features to protect specimen; xylene-free system. Error-free reagent replacement.
  • Higher Productivity
    Fast and efficient thanks to hybrid technology. No downtime for post-run cleaning cycles; quick reagent exchange.
  • Auto-Embedding
    Processing + embedding in one single step in the tissue processor.

Additional solutions for Tissue Processing