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Frozen Sections

Fast, Reliable, High-Quality Frozen Section

Milestone’s tools offer fast, high-quality results, preventing ice crystal formation and ensuring reliability for surgeons and pathologists. Our solutions enable rapid freezing, standardized fixation, and staining, transforming the frozen section procedure into a reliable method.

  • Superior Quality
    Rapid freezing, no ice crystals, no artifacts, permanent-like quality slides.
  • High Safety
    All-dry system. No liquid nitrogen, no CO2, no isopentane used.
  • Fast and Automated Operations
    20-60 seconds for freezing + 150 seconds for processing and staining.
  • Improved Throughput
    6 samples frozen simultaneously and non-stop processing/staining.
  • Enhanced Precision
    Face-down technique for optimal specimen positioning. Standardized and documented procedures.

Additional solutions for Frozen Sections