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Grossing and Macro Digital

Fast and Easy Digital Documentation of the Grossing Step

Milestone’s grossing stations revolutionize biospecimen grossing in pathology labs. Designed for optimal efficiency, safety, and documentation, these stations provide operators with easy access to all the necessary tools. Additionally, the digital imaging system streamlines and documents the grossing procedure, resulting in improved lab efficiency and standardized descriptions.

  • Optimal Ergonomics
    Customizable working position, motorized up & down table height regulation.
  • Improved User Safety
    Validated ventilation for chemical and biological hazards; safety shield; powerful exhaust system.
  • Digitalized Documentation
    Full digital documentation, with images, videos, audios and annotations. Create Images Enhanced Report (IER).
  • High Flexibility
    All-in-one system, on wheels; one or two operators; easy plug-in; multiple and customizable set-ups.
  • Enhanced Traceability
    Acquisition and storage of documentation into specific case ID folders; LIS integration.