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Biospecimen Collection 2.0: best practices

Biospecimen Collection 2.0: best practices
Biospecimen collection and transport are crucial steps in any laboratory. Collecting samples from the operating theatre in a safe and standardized way is fundamental for both the operator safety and the sample preservation. Also, chain of custody should be maintained, enabling the tracking of specimens’ data from their collection in the dirty room till the final diagnosis.

So, how to handle and transport biospecimen properly?

This educational webinar aims to provide valuable and efficient methods for sample collection and transportation. Through live webcams our Application Specialist will show useful and practical hints for successfully handling specimens after surgical collection.

What you will learn

  • Improve the operator’s safety during collection
  • Eliminate formalin exposure for nurses and operators
  • Guarantee the sample’s preservation during collection and transport

Key Topic

  • User Safety
  • Formalin Exposure
  • Sample Preservation


Federica Rubini
Federica Rubini
Application Specialist

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