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HistoDream Microtomes

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Microtomes

Enhance Safety and Efficiency of your Cutting Routine

Cutting histological tissue requires advanced tools to ensure high-quality sections, guarantee safe operations for technicians, and provide efficient workflow. Milestone’s rotary microtomes have been built to address all these challenges.
The HistoDream M, semi-automated, and HistoDream AM, fully automated microtome, offer a valid and reliable approach to sectioning.
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HistoDream AM automated microtome


for improved operator’s safety (automated microtome)


to set and customize cutting parameters


to minimize user fatigue


fitting different operator’s cutting requirements


to optimize cleaning time


with finger guard


with control knob (optional for automated microtome)

Excellent Cutting Quality

The HistoDream microtomes are designed to guarantee precise sectioning. The 0-position is easily identified on the orienting head to ensure correct positioning. At the same time, the 360° orientating head along with the mobility on both the x- and y-axis ensures superior precision and alignment of the block. The blade holder slides sideways in both directions, enabling the technician to take full advantage of the entire cutting edge. excellent cutting quality

Improved Efficiency

Milestone’s microtomes provide superior sectioning efficiency. To simplify the adjustment, the motorized specimen feed is controlled through the wide touchscreen and stabilized via an innovative antivibration mechanism. A spacious tray with antistatic coating offers a large space for paraffin waste, reducing and simplifying cleaning time. On the top of the microtomes, a large flat area allows space for storage and access to tools routinely used. improved efficiency
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highest operational safety

Superior Operational Safety

Milestone’s microtome line incorporates up-to-date features for the highest operational safety. The automated microtome is equipped with an emergency stop button and an electrical brake that activates automatically when cutting is paused. Both the automated and semiautomated microtomes offer a manual lock. Safety is also ensured with the blade holder’s integrated finger guard.

Designed for Ergonomics

The user-friendly touchscreen offers easy access to all parameters and fast adjustment when required. The cutting settings can be saved and recalled, thus expediting the process. The handwheel is balanced via an innovative counterweight mechanism to minimize user fatigue and prevent possible injuries. The automated microtome is also available with a footswitch and external controllers (keypad, control mouse), which are optional and made to fit any preferences.
designed for ergonomics

Biospecimen Extra Documentation

Biospecimen Documentation

During cutting, histotechs can access all the information collected during the grossing step thanks to MileWATCH‘s search function. By simply scanning the cassette, the operator will be able to retrieve the digitized images that were taken during grossing with the MacroPATH digital system, and compare them with the embedded cassette, thus addressing potential mismatched numbers, sizes, or types of specimens and ensuring the chain of custody.

Maximum Flexibility

The HistoDream line offers the highest flexibility to match your current and future needs.
The microtomes, available with low- and high-profile blades as well as with a range of different clamps, allow the operator to optimize the use of this tool based on each specific cutting requirement.

HistoDream M


HistoDream AM

Microtome type
Fully automated
Built-in touchscreen with settings and memory function
Sideways-sliding blade holder (bidirectional)
Blade holder with finger guard
Motorized coarse feed
0-position indication in x and y directions
360° orienting head
Large waste tray (1,7 L) with antistatic coating
Balanced handwheel
Balanced handwheel
Specimen clamps
Standard, SuperMega and quick release
Standard, SuperMega and quick release
Automated electrical brake
Automated electrical brake
Footswitch (optional)
External control mouse (optional)
EasyCUT, static charges remover (ancillary unit)
Biospecimen Tracking System (optional)

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