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Flash Freezer
for Biobanking

Enhanced Tissue Banking Procedures

FlashFREEZE combines a non-toxic heat transfer fluid with an efficient -80°C Stirling chiller to standardize the flash-freezing of biospecimens. This preserves molecular integrity and facilitates optimal preparation for subsequent genomics, proteomics and metabolomics analyses.
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FlashFREZEE unit


for operator and specimen protection


for cryovials, microtiter plates and cryomolds flash freezing


for full documentation


easily accommodates a variety of sample containers


to set and customize protocols


for the defrost step

Fast Freezing

FlashFREEZE freezes tissue much faster than conventional methods, and its freezing time is fully controlled. The unit can freeze different types of specimens in just 60-150 seconds directly at -80°C.
Next to fast freezing, technicians can also perform a gentle freezing: a slow and constant freezing method which allows to preserve the vitality of the cells.
In both cases, when freezing cryomolds, the workflow is further improved by using Milestone’s Cryoembedding Compound (MCC), an exclusive formulation of water-soluble glycols and resins that improves tissue support. MCC enhances freezing process


The irreproducibility of many biomarkers is often due to collection, processing and storage techniques. This variability can lead to significant differences in the molecular integrity of the biospecimens.
Milestone overcomes these difficulties with a standardized approach to flash-freezing: with FlashFREEZE, technicians can perform standardized, reproducible, evidence-based freezing protocols with the full documentation required for quality assurance purposes. In addition, the USB port allows event logs to be downloaded for complete process documentation. Standardization
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High Flexibility

FlashFREEZE provides standardized freezing at a constant temperature of -80°C for a wide range of tissue types and sample containers.
The system is designed to accommodate cryovials up to 50 mL in random mode, as well as vials organized in 24/48/96 well plates. It is also capable of freezing cryomolds, ensuring a safe working environment for the operator.
Cryovials up to 50ml

Cryovials up to 50ml

24/48/96 well plates

24/48/96 well plates

Kit for cryomold freezing


Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

The technologically advanced Stirling chiller uses helium gas as a refrigerant in a hermetically sealed stainless-steel chamber. This eliminates the need for a conventional compressor, resulting in the elimination of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and there is no need for liquid nitrogen, CO2 or isopentane.
An integrated HEPA filter enhances the system, providing another layer of safety. In addition, the antimicrobial powder coating actively protects against microbial growth and allows for easy and efficient cleaning.

Space Savings

FlashFREEZE’s compact footprint is tailored to the needs of laboratory setups, making it an ideal solution for optimizing available space while maintaining state-of-the-art freezing capabilities. The smart user interface provides a seamless platform that allows users to effortlessly define and tailor process parameters to their specific requirements.
Space Savings

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