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TissueSAFE plus

Vacuum Sealing System

Formalin-Free Biospecimen Collection

TissueSAFE plus is an innovative and patented vacuum system that allows the preservation of fresh tissues in their natural state, without fixative. Right after excision, specimens are placed into dedicated bags and sealed under vacuum, thus eliminating the need for formalin in the OR. TissueSAFE plus also allows traceability and documentation of the biospecimen transfer from the surgical theater to the histopathology lab.
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for specimen data or Patient case ID entry


to set process parameters


to monitor time and temperature for documented transportation


to store the dedicated vacuum bags


for pathogenic agents


for protection against vapors/odors
Zero Formalin Exposure

Zero Formalin Exposure

In today’s laboratories, formaldehyde is still used as the standard fixative for collecting and storing biospecimens, although it is well known for being carcinogenic (cancer causing).
OR personnel risk high levels of exposure to formaldehyde fumes in their daily tasks, when handling biospecimens that need to be transferred from the surgical theater to the pathology department. TissueSAFE plus has been designed to completely remove the operator’s exposure and contact with formalin, as it allows users to collect biospecimens under vacuum, maintaining the tissue in its “as fresh” conditions.

Documented Formalin-Free Transfer

At the end of the vacuum sealing process, the TissueSAFE plus prints a label with the most relevant information (Case ID, user, date, time, etc.) for complete documentation. Moreover, a dedicated Data Logger Card can be activated at the start of the shift and then placed into the transfer box to continuously monitor and document tissue temperature and transfer time from the surgery suite to the histology lab.
At accessioning, the technician can download all the relevant specimen data from the Data Logger Card, review the cases and print reports. Documented Formalin-Free Transfer

Controlled Conditions for Tissue Fixation

Through the dedicated TissueSAFE plus vacuum-sealed bags, tissues are transported fresh to the pathology lab. By removing air from the bags, a controlled environment is created, minimizing the risk of external factors that could compromise the fixation process. This enables operators to perform fixation under controlled conditions, thus optimizing the preservation and quality of the tissue samples.
With this level of control, pathologists can carry out accurate and consistent tissue fixation, facilitating reliable histological examinations, molecular studies, and subsequent analysis. Controlled Conditions for Tissue Fixation
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Optimal Morphological Preservation

The TissueSAFE plus vacuum sealing system is designed to ensure optimal preservation of tissue morphology, safeguarding the integrity and quality of all tissue types for up to 48-72 hours.
Research and studies in laboratories worldwide have consistently reported superior results in terms of preservation of cellular structures, prevention of shrinkage or expansion, and maintenance of accurate tissue size and shape.
Plastic bags

Improved Archiving

The use of high quality, durable plastic bags dramatically reduces the space for storage at the accessioning stage as well as for archiving. Compared to the traditional specimen buckets, TissueSAFE plus vacuum bags take up less than 80% of typical required space. Furthermore, the use of the bags dramatically decreases the volume of waste, thus saving money on waste management. When disposed, the plastic material used for the bags is dioxin-free, reducing the impact on the environment.
TissueSAFE plus special vacuum bags are available in 6 different dimensions, to fit any kind of specimen and feature 3 pre-set sealing areas to allow for multiple uses per bag.

Standard and Self-standing options

Small bag


Medium bag


Large bag




24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

Track, monitor and manage specimens throughout their journey.
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