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Static Charge Remover for Microtomes

Eliminate Static Charges for Streamlined Cutting

Electrostatic charges in the cutting process can lead to weaker ribbons that are prone to breakage in subsequent stages.
EasyCUT neutralizes electrostatic charges and thus helps technicians in obtaining a perfect, non-sticky and wrinkle-free ribbon, which is easy to transfer to the water bath.
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EasyCUT static charges remover for microtomes


to activate the ionized air flow


for additional lighting during cutting


to accomodate your microtome


to fit any microtome

Improved Efficiency

During cutting, electrostatic charges often make the ribboning difficult, as sections stick to paraffin blocks, forceps, and user’s fingers. The transfer to the water bath is almost impossible, causing delays and ribbons that may break apart. Thanks to EasyCUT’s ionized flow, you can neutralize these charges and obtain perfectly stretched ribbons with neither shattering nor scattering effects. Improved Efficiency

Time Savings

EasyCUT not only enhances ribbon quality for following stages, but it also plays a pivotal role in improving process efficiency and reducing turnaround time.
With EasyCUT, operators will no longer face all the challenges related to electrostatic charges, thus expediting the cutting process and enhancing productivity. time savings
EasyCUT operator friendly design

Operator Friendly

The operator simply switches on the ionized air flow to instantly remove electrostatic charges from the cutting area. This allows for increased productivity and efficiency, while ensuring sample integrity by eliminating concerns about ribbons sticking to the paraffin block or the operator’s fingers.
EasyCUT is also equipped with LED lights, providing optimal lighting during cutting.

Fits any Microtome

An additional standout feature of this tool is its versatility, as it seamlessly adapts to various microtome setups without requiring any extra space.
Your microtome simply sits on the EasyCUT base, and the operator adjusts the height of the ionizer based on their specific needs, without needing to change the arrangement and routine of the laboratory, ensuring a smooth integration into your workflow.
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EasyCUT fits any microtome

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