Challenge Accepted: Rapid Decal and Processing

Discover how Milestone's KOS is an excellent benchtop system for processing and decalcification.
27 Aug 2020

All-in-One FNA Cart for ROSE

Discover how Milestone's RoseSTATION is equipped to solve any potential on-site problems.
13 Aug 2020

Cleaning Cycles: A Necessary Evil?

Discover how Milestone's MAGNUS processor functions with a dedicated paraffin retort which eliminates traditional cleaning cycles.
23 Jul 2020

Hands-Free Macro-Digital Imaging

Discover how digital imaging and documentation enhance the grossing step, with the benefits of eliminating misinterpretation of descriptive reports and reducing description time.
09 Jul 2020

High Quality Frozen Sections

Discover how histotechnicians can improve the cryoembedding process in order to provide Pathologists with high quality frozen sections that mimic FFPE sections.
25 Jun 2020

What if Embedding is Completed in your Tissue Processor?

Discover how to complete embedding in your Milestone Tissue Processor.
18 Jun 2020

Embedding with Bio-Specimen Traceability

How to integrate digital imaging for added safe-guards against misplaced and mismatched tissues; from grossing to embedding.
04 Jun 2020

How to create high quality Frozen Sections

Discover how histotechs can create high quality frozen sections in less than 10 minutes.
27 May 2020

How Digital Imaging can enhance the grossing step

Discover the benefits of macro digital imaging system for pathology, with focus on solutions for the digital documentation.
10 Jun 2020

Specimen Management: A New Strategy

Discover how Milestone's "Zero Formalin Exposure" solution can revolutionize personnel safety from the OR to the Histology Lab.
21 May 2020

Grossing step: envision the future

Discover how Milestone grossing stations combine ergonomic, safety and digital documentation.
20 May 2020

Tissue Processing: how to enhance throughput and flexibility in your Lab

We discuss the challenges related to tissue processing with focus on automation and auto-embedding.
14 May 2020

Sample Management: a new approach to Zero Formalin Exposure

Discover how operators in surgery rooms and in pathology labs can handle histology specimens in complete safety, with no exposure to fixative fumes.
06 May 2020

Bone Marrow Decalcification Optimization

Discover how to decalcify and process bone marrow, to obtain optimal morphology and superior macromolecules yield.
13 Jun 2019

Tips & Tricks on SuperMega Cassettes / Whole Mount Tissue Processing

You will be given with practical tips and suggestions from our presenter, whom uses SuperMega cassettes on a routine basis.
22 Nov 2018

Formalin-Free Tissue Handling: OR to Pathology

Learn to transport surgical samples from operating theaters to pathology laboratories in safer and more economical manner.
10 May 2018

Bone Marrow Decalcification Optimization

Discover how to decalcify and process bone marrow, to obtain optimal morphology and superior macromolecules yield.
06 Sep 2018

Digital Documentation of the Grossing Step

This webinar will provide a comprehensive description on how to document the delicate step of tissue grossing, digitally.
28 Jun 2018

New Protocol for Frozen Fat-Cutting

On this unique opportunity you will learn our protocol to cut fatty-tissues and obtain optimal frozen sections morphology.
22 Mar 2018