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Flash Chiller
for High Quality Frozen Sections

Revolutionize your Rapid Freezing Process

PrestoCHILL is an advanced cryoembedding system that provides pathologists with frozen sections of permanent-like quality. Its innovative technology reduces the freezing time to 30 seconds and prevents ice crystal formation through ultra-fast freezing. With PrestoCHILL, even fatty tissues can be easily frozen without distorting their delicate structures, resulting in a perfectly flat plane surface that can be smothly cut in the cryostat.
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PrestoCHILL unit


for rapid freezing process


to rapidly freeze samples


to set and customize process parameters


for the defrost step


standard configuration: 6 molds with 30-40 mm diameter


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Permanent-Like Quality

When performing frozen sections, pathologists often embed extremely delicate tissues, such as the intricate honeycomb structures found in breast or fatty lymph nodes. Frozen sectioning usually gives poor results, as the water within the tissue creates ice crystals that enlarge and deform the cellular structure and morphology of the tissue.
Milestone’s groundbreaking and ultra-fast freezing technology, enabled by its patented “face-down embedding” technique, provides an innovative and rapid solution to this challenge.

Ultra Freezing Technology

  • Liver stained frozen sections by Milestone's Presto system


  • Lung stained frozen sections by Milestone's Presto system


  • Breast stained frozen sections by Milestone's Presto system


  • Lymph node stained frozen sections by Milestone's Presto system

    Lymph node

The temperature of -40°C allows for extremely quick freezing, eliminating:
  • freezing artifacts
  • the creation of ice crystals
  • the compression of tissue structure caused by extremely low temperatures
  • the retraction of tissues

“Face-Down Embedding” Technique

  • Perfectly “flat plane” surface by PrestoCHILL freezing
  • Perfectly “flat plane” surface by PrestoCHILL freezing
Milestone’s patented technology permits the direct contact of the sample with the cold metal, giving the fastest freezing possible. This allows the user to achieve perfectly “flat plane” surfaces, reducing trimming time and creating frozen sections that can be easily cut.

Time Savings

PrestoCHILL freezes tissues in seconds. The system can freeze six biospecimens simultaneously in just 30 seconds.
The freezing workflow is further enhanced using Milestone’s Cryoembedding Compound (MCC), a proprietary solution which has been specifically developed for optimal support during cryotomy. MCC has been specially formulated with a lower viscosity that flows easily into the cryomolds and improves adhesion to the chuck.
Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

The technologically advanced Stirling chiller uses helium gas as a refrigerant in a hermetically sealed stainless-steel chamber. Also, the innovative face-down embedding technique eliminates the need for a conventional compressor, resulting in the elimination of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and the use of liquid nitrogen, CO2 and isopentane.
Moreover, an integrated HEPA filter enhances the system, and the antimicrobial powder coating actively protects against microbial growth and makes cleaning simple.

Smart User Interface

The smart user interface allows users to effortlessly set and customize the freezing process parameters according to their specific needs. Easy to use and highly intuitive, the software provides a straightforward experience.
The USB port allows event logs to be downloaded for complete process documentation.
PrestoCHILL smart user interface

High Flexibility

High Flexibility

PrestoCHILL ensures standardized freezing at -40°C for a large variety of tissues, including those that are most difficult to section in the cryostat, such as breast and lymph nodes.
PrestoCHILL molds are available in different sizes and designs to adapt the freezing workflow to different chucks and tissue sizes.

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