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3 Safety factors in Tissue Processing

3 Safety factors in Tissue Processing

Tissue processing is a standard and essential procedure in every histology laboratory. Today’s challenge for modern processors is to provide high throughput and productivity, without compromising quality and safety. How to ensure safety for both specimens and operators during processing?

This educational webinar aims to provide valuable methods for enhanced safety during processing. Through live webcams our Application Specialist will discuss the common factors and errors that may negatively impact on safety and how to tackle them, to preserve the specimen, while assuring a safe working environment for operators.

What you will learn

  • Safely and efficienty manage reagents change
  • Optimize your processing protocols
  • Guarantee the tissues’ safety and preservation

Key Topic

  • Reagent Management
  • Processing Protocols
  • Sample’s preservation


Andrea Di Croce
Andrea di Croce
Application Specialist

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