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Frequently Asked Questions on Tissue Processing

Frequently Asked Questions on Tissue Processing
Which are the most frequent bottlenecks in the laboratory workflow?
How to process fatty tissue and avoid under- or over-fixation?

These are some of the frequently asked questions that we usually receive from our clients and prospects.

Watch our educational Webinar and learn valuable solutions to answer these and further questions, to improve your processing. Our Application Specialist will discuss the most common aspects of tissue processing. We will analyze today’s challenges of the processing step, focusing on sample and thickness type; we will investigate the impact of fixation on the quality of the results and see how lean procedures and automation can overcome the bottlenecks in the lab routine.

What you will learn

  • to make your laboratory workflow more efficient and effective
  • to improve processing according to sample type
  • to optimize reagents exchange and processing protocols

Key Topic

  • Laboratory Workflow
  • Sample type and Fixation
  • Reagents and Protocols


Irene Angeloni
Irene Angeloni
Application Specialist

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