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A Coroner’s Perspective – Live Webinar Interview

A Coroner’s Perspective – Live Webinar Interview
Post-mortem examinations are extremely important and delicate procedures carried out to investigate the cause of death, to further medical research, or to decide whether a legal investigation is needed. MacroVIEW macro digital imaging system for autopsy has been specifically designed for efficient and complete documentation of the postmortem examination, with maximum ease of use and safety.

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges of autopsy procedures with Mr. Graham Hetrick, Coroner of the Dauphin County (Pennsylvania, USA). Mr. Hetrick has addressed several challenges by integrating up-to-date technology for macro digital imaging into his daily job in the coroner’s office, for medical legal death investigation and forensic autopsies.
In the Live Interview, the US Coroner will tell his experience with the MacroVIEW, focusing on the implementation of the system in the autopsy routine and describing the economic and practical benefits for the coroner’s job.

The discussion with Mr. Hetrick will include the following topics:

  • Autopsy routine procedures and main challenges
  • Digital evidence for forensic investigations
  • Economic impact on the County

Key Topic

  • Autopsy Procedures
  • Digital Evidence
  • Economic Impact
  • Speakers

    Graham Hetrick, Coroner of the Dauphin County
    Graham Hetrick
    Coroner of the Dauphin County (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Speakers

    Gianluca Micheletti
    Gianluca Micheletti
    Area Manager

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