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Macro Digital Imaging System

Easy and Efficient Capturing of the Grossing Step

MacroPATH is a comprehensive tool designed to create digital documentation of the grossing process of surgical specimens and biopsies, providing pathologists with clear and unequivocal digital information for accurate diagnoses. The built-in high-resolution camera and the microphone allow for capturing images and videos at exceptional quality, while the vast suite of editing tools ensures the ability to estimate sizes and areas, add notes or create sections.
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for superior quality images, 4K and FULL HD videos and audios


with fast processor to expedite documentation, storage and editing


intuitive, icon-driven software with built-in editing tools


to simplify the acquisition process (save picture, record audio, zoom in, zoom out functions)

Streamlined Workflow

MacroPATH combines ease of use and fast operation to expedite and standardize digital description as an integral part of the grossing workflow. Currently, operators often rely on various inadequate or manual tools, leading to time-consuming setups and impacting overall lab efficiency. In contrast, MacroPATH is always ready to use: capturing pictures, and recording voice notes or videos is now effortless, thanks to the foot pedal and waterproof touchscreen that provide immediate access to all functions. Furthermore, MacroPATH seamlessly enables the acquisition and automatic storage of documentation into specific case ID folders, avoiding errors and ensuring a comprehensive chain of custody for each specimen. This standardized approach enhances accuracy and reliability, making the diagnostic report a perfect complement for Telepathology.
Entering the case ID through the barcode
The sequence begins by entering the case ID through the barcode reader which automatically creates its dedicated folder.
The operator works with the built-in foot pedal
By using the built-in foot pedal, the operator can easily zoom in and out, take images and record videos.
The operator can edit images to measure sizes and areas
The operator can edit images to estimate sizes and areas, add notes or create sections and quadrants.
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  • High-resolution camera

    High Resolution Camera

  • Touchscreen terminal

    Touchscreen Terminal

Digitalized Grossing Documentation

MacroPATH is a comprehensive tool designed to provide digital documentation of the grossing of surgical specimens and biopsies.
It utilizes a built-in high-resolution camera to capture images and videos of the biospecimen and its dissection at exceptional quality. Additionally, the instrument features a microphone for recording voice notes and a suite of sizing and editing tools for images and videos, as well as for creating reports.
MacroPATH is an all-in-one platform for integrated and efficient documentation of the grossing process.

Flexible Set-up

MacroPATH offers flexible installation options to suit the needs of different labs. It can be used as a stand-alone system near the grossing area or integrated as a complementary component into any grossing station. Its versatility perfectly aligns with the modularity of the Milestone grossing station, UltraGROSS, allowing for the installation of the MacroPATH touchscreen terminal in either frontal or lateral positions, based on the specific requirements and preferences of the operator.
  • MacroPATH installed on Milestone grossing station

    MacroPATH installed on Milestone grossing station

  • MacroPATH installed on an existing grossing station

    MacroPATH installed on an existing grossing station

  • MacroPATH stand-alone

    MacroPATH stand-alone

Enhanced Traceability

Enhanced traceability
The HistoDream Tracking System empowers Histotechs to visually match grossed specimens to processed specimens before embedding by retrieving the digitized images of each cassette taken at the time of grossing and comparing those images to the cassette at the time of embedding. Detection of mismatched number, size or type of specimens before embedding allows for early corrective actions. Available for any type of embedding station.

Integration with LIS & PACS

Full integration with LIS & PACS
The importance of creating comprehensive and accurate documentation directly aligns with the need for effective tools to share and archive information.
As a result, MacroPATH, thanks to the built-in MileWATCH, is integrated with LIS and PACS through various protocols, including DICOM, HL7, TWAIN and WIA, ensuring the highest level of compliance with key standards.


24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

Track, monitor and manage specimens throughout their journey.
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