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Automatic Vial Scanner

Fast and Easy Specimen Accessioning

V-Tracker is an automatic tracking system built to enhance and expedite specimen’s traceability from the accessioning step. It collects information from the specimen’s container through a 360° image to ensure comprehensive documentation of each specimen.
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V-Tracker Automatic Vial Scanner


for a 360° capture of all information on the container


for easy data acquisition


for quick visualization of the information

Automatic & Standardized

Specimen accessioning is usually done manually by different operators throughout the day, potentially leading to the risk of human errors. With V-Tracker, the specimen container is placed inside the reflecting surface of V-Tracker’s sample housing, and with a quick touch of the screen, the system automatically collects all the information. This standardized approach ensures accuracy and reliability of the acquired data. Automatic & Standardized

Complete Documentation

The 360° scanning enables operators to capture all the information present on the specimen container.
Barcodes, QR codes, and notes are all saved in a single complete image that can be easily reviewed with Milestone’s exclusive MileWATCH software, ensuring comprehensive documentation and tracking starting from the accessioning stage. Complete Documentation
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Optimized Workflow

V-Tracker greatly simplifies the accessioning workflow. In just a few seconds, it streamlines specimen acceptance and ensures reliable and complete traceability, allowing the operator to easily and safely manage high sample workloads.
VialIn in
Specimen Workflow
Information acquired

Smart User Interface

Once the scan has been completed, a user-friendly interface shows all the details. When multiple codes are present, the master code is automatically prioritized, while other codes are recorded as secondary to maintain full traceability. V-Tracker also offers the possibility to take photos of the specimen inside its container, providing even more extensive documentation.
Smart user interface

High Flexibility

V-Tracker is a versatile system that allows laboratories to effectively manage and document a wide range of vials typically used for biopsies, small tissues, cytology samples, blood and urine. Larger containers or buckets can be tracked via an external bar code reader (optional).
High flexibility


24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

Track, monitor and manage specimens throughout their journey.
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