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Automatic Basket Scanner

Secure Tracking for Enhanced Patient Safety

T-Tracker is an innovative automatic tracker that ensures reliable and accurate tracking of the cassettes in a single click.
T-Tracker is extremely flexible thanks to its wide compatibility with the vast majority of processors’ baskets and racks. It also provides full traceability of the specimens while safeguarding the operator from any formalin exposure.
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MAGNUS Tissue Processor


for precise and accurate tracking


via an intuitive user interface


for improved operator safety


for easy self-positioning of any basket

Reliable Scanning

T-Tracker ensures reliable tracking thanks to the unique combination of two advanced technologies, allowing the user to intercept any missing or mismatched codes and securing true patient safety. With T-Tracker’s exclusive dual sensor technology, the laser sensor and the camera work in synergy with the enhanced software algorithm to guarantee accurate, precise and trustworthy tracking of the cassettes at the first time.

Automatic & Efficient

Automatic Tracking through a single click
Manual cassette scanning is a time-consuming and error-prone task, as operators need to manually scan the cassettes one by one to track specimens along the histological process. T-Tracker, with patented technology, removes manual scanning of cassettes through complete automation of this process. The operator simply places the basket on the tray and starts the scan with a single click.
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Optimized Workflow

Today, pathology labs are constantly facing a shortage of personnel, highlighting the need to use automatic tools to free up operator time. In the laboratory routine, manual cassette tracking takes up valuable operator time.
T-Tracker removes the need for manual scanning, thus significantly saving technician time. This results in optimized workflow and enhanced efficiency in the laboratory.

82% Time Saving with T-Tracker

Manual Scanning

104 Hours

Manual Scanning

T-Tracker Scanning

19 Hours

T-Tracker Scanning
Time calculated on a one year basis (equivalent to 125.000 specimens).

Complete Documentation

T-Tracker provides the operator with all tracking information, assuring complete traceability for improved patient safety. In case of missing or unreadable codes, warning messages will appear and a laser pointer can be used to locate the problem cassette’s exact position in the basket.
T-Tracker can also be used after tissue processing, enabling a comparison of the basket before and after processing, resulting in an even more comprehensive chain of custody. All the acquired data can be easily shared with the LIS or managed using Milestone’s exclusive MileWATCH software for monitoring and tracking the specimens.

Compatible with Any Basket

T-Tracker offers a highly flexible setup due to its wide compatibility with various types of baskets, which are automatically recognized before the process begins.
The use of dedicated spacers simplifies cassette positioning, ensures precise codes reading, and stabilizes the cassettes, even during transportation. The use of basket spacers also allows for a homogeneous flow of reagents among specimens during the processing step, contributing to even better results.
Wide compatibility with the majority of processors' baskets

Enhanced Operator Safety

Enhanced Operator Safety

T-Tracker prioritizes operator safety through a built-in exhaust system that removes formalin fumes, absorbing pads to collect excess formalin from the cassettes and safety shields that protect operators from exposure.
Thanks to its standalone design, T-Tracker can be installed either on the grossing stations or elsewhere with a connection to the lab’s fume extraction system.


24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

Track, monitor and manage specimens throughout their journey.
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