Zero Formalin Exposure

The problem

In 2006, formaldehyde was declared Carcinogenic and Mutagenic to humans by I.A.R.C. (International Agency for Research on Cancer). In today’s labs, formaldehyde is the standard fixative for collecting and storing biospecimens for pathological examinations and diagnoses. Operators, from operating rooms to pathology departments, risk high levels of exposure to formaldehyde fumes. Therefore, hospital and clinic safety departments are required to adopt precautions to ensure the safety of their personnel.

The solution

The “Zero Formalin Exposure” from Milestone is an integrated solution that revolutionizes personnel safety with the elimination of formaldehyde from the Operating Room to the Histology Lab, for a healthier working environment to provide accurate and reliable diagnoses. TissueSAFE plus, SealSAFE and UltraSAFE are designed to ensure a better daily-safety for the operating rooms personnel in different ways.

Lung Cancer 40x

Automated Formalin Dispensing System for Biospecimens
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Automated Fixative Addition Plus Vacuum Sealing of Biospecimens

TissueSAFE plus

TissueSAFE plus
Biospecimen Vacuum System

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