In today’s lab, tracking biospecimens’ data is essential for patient safety, for full case documentation and quality control.

In Histology Labs, standard tracking systems do not identify the critical steps, such as data from the tissue processors. Therefore, the Laboratory Manager is not able to track which operator has performed a particular process, nor which specimen has been processed in a specific moment. This is due to the fact that laboratory units do not interact with each other, nor do they communicate with the LIS in real time.

Milestone’s exclusive MileWATCH software offers the possibility to create a unique samples’ “chain of custody”, starting from the collection in the Surgical Theatre, through the time the specimen arrives in the lab, and beyond.

Moreover, the new T-Tracker and R-Tracker, automatic rack scanners, provide reliable and trustworthy tracking of all the rack’s cassettes, thus removing the tedious and time-consuming manual scanning step that takes up valuable operator time. In addition, the new V-Tracker, automatic vial scanner, provides automatic and standardized tracking to simplify and expedite specimen accessioning.

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