Tissue Processing

The tissue processing procedure, as known today, was first introduced in 1909 and from that moment very little has changed. Today demands are different and both patients and health system personnel expect new performances and timely responses. Automation has become fundamental and Milestone answered this issue with a unique automatic tissue processing line. It is equipped with a Hybrid heating core that is based on a microwave plus conventional heating technique.

This technology drastically reduces specimen processing time offering, on one hand, the patient to receive a quality diagnosis in shorter time, reducing his strain of waiting for the results, and to immediately initiate a therapy, when necessary.

On the other hand, Milestone’s new tissue processors increase the productivity of the Lab or Hospital, as well as reducing overall expenses and operating costs.
With the validated xylene-free process MAGNUSLOGOS EVO, LOGOS One EVO and KOS become the ideal choice for the challenges faced by modern Pathology labs.

Besides, the ultimate solution named Synergy is an all-in-one system for the processing and the auto- embedding of tissues. It allows to skip the manual embedding by providing blocks ready for the cold plate and for the microtome. Synergy offers a concrete contribution towards the “Lean Lab”!

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