TissueSAFE plus

Biospecimen Vacuum System

TissueSAFE plus

Elimination of formalin with TissueSAFE plus

TissueSAFE plus is an innovative and patented vacuum system which eliminates the need for formalin in the operating theatre and allows for a controlled, formalin-free, transfer of biospecimens to the laboratory.

  • No formalin fumes
  • Specimens are held in “fresh” conditions
  • No spilling
  • Original specimen colors are preserved
  • Drying of tissues is eliminated
  • Immediately after excision, specimens are transferred to an adjacent room where the TissueSAFE plus is installed.

Why TissueSAFE plus?

    Improved staff health in both the OR and AP rooms due to zero exposure to formalin. Tissues are transported fresh to the Pathology Lab to perform fixation under controlled conditions. This leads to optimal histology and allows for improved/consistent IHC staining. Fresh tissue is ideal for Tissue Banking and Molecular Biology.
    Fully automated and closed operations. HEPA filter on board.
    Time & Temperature monitoring for documentation of tissue transport conditions. No tissue drying. No spillages. No contaminations.
    Storage in vacuum bags dramatically reduces volume. Archiving without formalin is possible.
    No formalin used, neither purchased nor disposed. Lower disposal cost thanks to a decreased volume of bio-hazardous material in vacuum bags.

How to eliminate formalin from the operating suites

The hospital experience in Turin
The hospital experience in Bergamo

SealSAFE or TissueSAFE plus?

Vacuum Programs
Vacuum & Fixative Auto Filling Commercial Tanks
Hepa Built-In Filter
Charcoal Built-In Filter
Extra Stand-Alone Formalin Filter
MileWATCH Ready
Report Run Auto Printing
Connection to Facilities’ Ventilation
Quick Installation, on Wheels Mobility
Stand-up vacuum-sealed bags for TissueSAFE plus

Stand-up vacuum-sealed bags for TissueSAFE plus

A professional barrier against infective agents, undesired smells and toxic formalin fumes! Use a fraction of the storage space standard containers require. Milestone’s bags make storage and tissue transportation more cost effective and safer.



TissueSAFE plus is compatible with MileWATCH 24/7 units surveillance system

MileWATCH is a 24/7 unit surveillance system that continuously monitors and controls Milestone units throughout the day and night. Status information is collected from units installed in both Operating Theaters and the Pathology Laboratory. In turn, this also helps in planning the daily work of the Laboratory more efficiently.


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