Automatic Basket Scanner

Automate & Reliable Tracking

T-Tracker replaces the manual, tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone task of cassette scanning. With its automated and error-free patented technology for scanning, checking, and tracking, T-Tracker is specifically designed to enhance laboratory efficiencyoptimize workflow, and save operator time. T- Tracker can save you up to 82% of the operator time typically spent scanning cassettes. In addition, all the acquired data can be easily managed using Milestone’s exclusive MileWATCH software, or your local LIS.

  • Automatic and Efficient Tracking
  • Error-free Automation
  • Comprehensive Chain of Custody
  • Compatible with any Basket
  • Enhanced Operator and Patient Safety

Dual Sensor Technology

T-Tracker is the sole tracking solution that combines two advanced technologies to ensure reliable tracking, prevent potential errors, and achieve true patient safety.

T-Tracker’s sensor and camera work in synergy with the enhanced software algorithm to ensure accurate, precise, and trustworthy tracking of the cassettes, with just one click.

Complete Documentation

At the completion of each scanning, the T-Tracker user interface provides all tracking information related to the scan. A 3D graphic of the basket is also available. Locating the cassettes with missing or unreadable codes is simplified utilizing the laser pointer, which locates the cassette’s exact position in the rack.

T-Tracker can be used after tissue processing, providing a comparison of the basket before and after, resulting in an even more comprehensive chain of custody. All data can be easily shared with the LIS or managed using Milestone’s exclusive MileWATCH software.

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