EDTA Based Decalcifying Solution


Optimized molecular results

For a faster decalcification time, the process with EDTA is best carried out at a pH value of 7.2-7.4. Milestone has developed an innovative, pure unbuffered 10% EDTA solution, based on a stoichiometric mixture of bibasic or tribasic EDTA to reach this pH value without the addition of an acid/base buffer. The combination of increased temperature, stirring and the MoL-DECALCIFIER, during the decalcification phase allows fixation, decalcification and processing of bone marrows within 48 hours.

A presentation during the “First Symposium on Pre- analytic of Pathological Specimens – Berlin March 2013” reported the first results on H&E, IHC, FISH and molecular using the Milestone’s decalcifying solution MoL-DECALCIFIER on bone marrow trephine biopsies.

Available tank: 5L ready to use

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