24/7 Monitoring and Tracking


Track, Monitor and Manage the Workflow in your Lab

MileWATCH is a 24/7 monitoring system that allows to connect, monitor and control Milestone units continuously through day and night. Status information is collected from units installed in both the Surgical Theatre and Pathology Laboratory. In this way, MileWATCH offers the possibility to create a unique samples’ “chain of custody”, starting from the collection in the Surgical Theatre and until the tissues arrive to the Pathology Laboratory. MileWATCH is Milestone’s solution to increase biospecimens’ traceability and to document the different processes of the laboratory.

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Traceability from the Surgical Theatre and into the Pathology Lab

One of the common limitations of today’s tracking systems is that the Laboratory Manager cannot check the specimens’ situation in the Operating Rooms in real time. MileWATCH addresses this specific challenge: through the software, the Lab Manager can exactly check and track the specimens, right from the moment they are collected from the patients. The Case ID and all necessary information such as formalin ratio used, temperature and time of the transportation are saved.

In the Histology Departments, MileWATCH also identifies the critical steps, such as data from the tissue processors. In this way the Lab Manager will be able to track which operator has performed a particular process, and which specimen has been processed in a specific moment. Through MileWATCH, tissue processing protocol details and all data information are also collected and they are instantly available for the integration with the local LIS.

  • Monitor the process in real-time
  • Receive notifications by email, voice calls, SMS or WhatsApp messages
  • Obtain event logs and log files
  • Sort documentation by patient case ID
  • Integrate into existing LIS

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