High Safety Formalin Prefilled Biopsies Container


The use of formalin without the toxic effects of its fumes

FormSAFE provides an excellent alternative to traditional prefilled containers when personnel are concerned with formalin exposure during collection, transport and storage. A second stratified fluid component floats above the formalin phase and acts as a protective floating shield, which prevents fixative fumes from escaping from the container. This concept of a multi-layered liquid container allows safe handling both to the endoscopist at sampling and to the histologist when preparing the cassette.

The endoscopist can easily detach the specimen from the tweezers by immersing them in the liquid without being exposed to formalin vapors. The histologist can open the container and pick up the specimen without being exposed to the fumes.

Available packages: 21 or 70 boxes of 50 containers each

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