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Workcenter for Small Biopsies

Safe and Documented Grossing

WorkSTATION boasts an advanced ergonomic design. Fortified with enhanced safety features and the convenience of flexible relocation within the laboratory, WorkSTATION caters to the diverse needs of all operators. This system has been engineered to streamline the grossing process for a vast array of biopsies in Anatomical Pathology laboratories, placing a primary emphasis on ensuring patient safety. Equipped with the Milestone Macro Digital Imaging System, MacroPATH, WorkSTATION significantly accelerates specimen acquisition at the grossing station compared to traditional handheld capture and shoot systems. This integration minimizes specimen turnaround time, revolutionizing workflow for higher productivity and efficiency.
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Workstation Workcenter for Small Biopsies

Adjustable height

according to operator’s need

Heavy duty casters

to ensure WorkSTATION’s mobility

High resistance structure

made of AISI 304 stainless steel


for easy data retrieval

MacroPATH camera and PC

for automatic and rapid documentation of the entire grossing step

High power exhaust system

with backdraft and downdraft

Exhausted formalin tank

with no fume return valve, filter and light alarm

All-in-one control panel

with all major functions

Sliding wastepaper basket

with with easy-access door and connection to exhaust system


In today’s laboratory approximately 40-60% and in some instances up to 95% of specimens are endoscopic biopsies (prostate, gastro-intestinal). Handling of these small specimens (3-20 mm) tipically takes place in large, bulky grossing stations designed for very large surgical samples. WorkSTATION has been developed to fill this technology gap and to document this manual step for patient safety and quality purposes, offering an ergonomic and user-oriented grossing solution.
User-oriented and Improved Safety

Improved Safety

WorkSTATION incorporates a specialized formalin-free working area, prioritizing operator safety and mitigating potential hazards. The innovative design, combined with robust downdraft and backdraft exhaust systems, establishes a controlled and secure environment for grossing procedures.
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Full digital documentation

Full Digital Documentation

Equipped with MacroPATH digital imaging technology, the WorkSTATION offers the most advanced system for documenting biopsies at the time of grossing. It serves as an optimized tool for quality assurance, improved productivity, and workflow. The user-friendly software operates with an icon-driven interface. The built-in high-resolution camera and the microphone allow for capturing images, videos, and audios, while the vast suite of editing tools ensures the ability to estimate sizes and areas, add notes or create sections. MacroPATH enables the acquisition and storage of documentation into specific case ID folders, ensuring a comprehensive chain of custody for each specimen.

Greater Ergonomics

Designed with the operator’s comfort and efficiency in mind, WorkSTATION offers adjustable height to accommodate operator preferences. All main functions are easily accessible through the MacroPATH touchscreen and the integrated control panel on the WorkSTATION.
Greater ergonomics

Ideal teaching tool

Ideal Teaching Tools

WorkSTATION equipped with MacroPATH can also be used as a teaching tool. Pathologists can create a database of real cases (videos, images, etc.) to be used during classes to educate students on the correct grossing procedure. Acquired documentation can also be available at any time for publication, digital presentation, or tumor boards.

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