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Ergonomic Mobile Grossing Station

Safe and Documented Grossing

eGROSS is an all-in-one grossing station designed to standardize grossing procedures while ensuring improved safety and ergonomics for a more accurate diagnosis.

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MAGNUS Tissue Processor

Heavy duty casters

to ensure eGROSS mobility

Adjustable height

according to operator’s needs

Presence sensor

to guarantee the highest level of safety for the operator

High power exhaust system

with backdraft and downdraft

Transparent sliding cover

with frontal and lateral containment shields

Twin tanks

to store fresh and exhausted formalin

All-in-one control panel

with all major functions

Display panel

to monitor exhaust flow and formalin level in tanks

MacroPATH camera

for enhanced grossing documentation


for enhanced grossing documentation

Foot pedals

to control MacroPATH functions

LIS monitor

for easy data retrieval

Greater Ergonomics & Improved Flexibility

The working height of eGROSS can be easily adjusted to accommodate individual operator needs. eGROSS offers a large working area, a dedicated formalin dispensing nozzle controlled by a foot pedal, and an easily accessible control panel with key functions.
A unique proximity sensor detects the presence of the operator. If no operator is detected for 5 minutes, the unit automatically switches off to extend the filter life. Installed on heavy duty casters, eGROSS can be easily moved without the need for a service engineer.

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High User Safety

Enhanced User Safety

Equipped with an anti-splash transparent retractable safety shield and lateral transparent containment shields, eGROSS effectively prevents operator exposure. This unique design, combined with powerful downdraft and backdraft exhaust systems, creates a controlled and safe environment for grossing procedures.

Macro Digital Documentation

eGROSS provides standardized documentation and traceability through Milestone’s state-of-the-art macro digital documentation system, MacroPATH. This advanced tool allows operators to thoroughly document the grossing process, providing pathologists with critical data for evaluation during diagnosis. It also enables the creation of  high-quality diagnostic reports and tumor boards.

Macro Digital Documentation

Ideal Teaching Tools

Teaching Tool

Equipped with MacroPATH, the eGROSS can also be used as a teaching tool. Pathologists can create a database of real cases (videos, images, etc.) to be used during classes to educate students and residents on the correct grossing procedure. Acquired documentation can also be available at any time for publication or digital presentation.

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