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Focus on the new MacroPATH, Macro Digital Imaging System

MacroPATH Macro Digital Imaging System

Easy and efficient capturing of the grossing step

Effective management of biospecimens during grossing phase is pivotal, influencing the entire diagnostic process and subsequent diagnoses. Traditionally, operators have relied on subjective note-taking to document this critical step, posing a risk of mismatches in patient data. To address these critical challenges, Milestone introduced MacroPATH, a comprehensive tool designed to revolutionize sample custody by offering digital documentation of specimen grossing.

Digitalized Grossing Documentation

The MacroPAH macro digital imaging system combines a high-resolution camera for capturing images and recording videos, a microphone for vocal notes and an array of sizing and editing tools for images and videos, as well as for creating reports. MacroPATH is an all-in-one platform for integrated and efficient documentation of the grossing process.

MacroPATH promptly generates a dedicated folder for storing all acquired information immediately after scanning the case ID, thereby preventing any potential errors. Pathologists can seamlessly connect to the MacroPATH software even when off-site, facilitating real-time specimen evaluation.

Want to know more?

Learn more about the new MacroPATH, Macro Digital Imaging System
Find out all its benefit and how it can improve the documentation of the grossing procedure.
Live Webinar “Addressing the challenges of Grossig Descriptions”
Our Specialist discusses the challenges of the grossing step and shows how to improve documentation during dissection.

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