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A Coroner’s Perspective – Interview with Mr. Graham Hetrick, Coroner of the Dauphin County (Pennsylvania, USA)

A Coroner’s Perspective – Interview with Mr. Graham Hetrick


Autopsy procedures hold profound significance, serving as the cornerstone of meticulous inquiry into the intricate circumstances surrounding an individual’s passing. Through rigorous examination, they offer a comprehensive understanding of the factors contributing to death, whether they are of natural or violent origin. Beyond the primary objective of ascertaining the cause of death, these postmortem examinations serve as a rich repository of educational content, affording experts and students an immersive exploration into the complexities of human anatomy and pathology.


Recognizing the utmost significance of the topic, Milestone introduces MacroVIEW, a cutting-edge mobile unit designed to document and digitize autopsy procedures. With MacroVIEW, users can capture images, videos and vocal descriptions, while also incorporating comments or notes to ensure comprehensive legal evidence. Furthermore, the acquired documentation is automatically stored within the patient ID folder. By connecting MacroVIEW with the LIS (Laboratory Information System), users unlock the capability for remote review and editing, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Interview with Dr. Graham Hetrick

We had the opportunity to interview Dr. Graham Hetrick, renowned medical death investigator of Dauphin County (Pennsylvania, USA) and the central figure in the acclaimed TV series “The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead”. Dr. Hetrick, an avid user of MacroVIEW, emphasized the importance of creating digital documentation to solidify legal evidence, echoing the timeless wisdom that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. He provided insights into a typical day at the coroner’s office, highlighting the essential practice of meticulously documenting every detail to maintain the integrity of the chain of custody. Moreover, he underscored the versatility of MacroVIEW, coupled with its seamless mobility to meet user demands, resulting in significant streamlining of operational tasks and thus enhancing efficiency and timing.
Graham Hetrick, Coroner of the Dauphin County

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Watch our educational Webinar “A Coroner’s Perspective – Live Webinar Interview”
We discuss the challenges of autopsy procedures with Coroner Hetrick. He has addressed several challenges by integrating up-to-date technology for macro digital imaging into his daily job in the coroner’s office, for medical legal death investigation and forensic autopsies. In the Live Interview, the US Coroner tells his experience with the MacroVIEW, focusing on the implementation of the system in the autopsy routine and describing the economic and practical benefits for the coroner’s job.

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