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7 Application Tips to improve your Decalcification process

Decalcification is a histological technique which is practiced worldwide. Whether you work in hospital or private laboratory, when you receive bones to be decalcified, you know what to do: place your fixed bone in a container with a decalcification solution and just wait until the decalcification process is completed. However, if you aim at obtaining great morphology, optimized molecular results, and same-day diagnosis, there are some tips you need to learn! Watch our educational Webinar and learn the best practices on decalcification! What you will learn how to fasten decalcification time how...

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How to perform seven laboratory applications in one multifunctional device

Processing, decalcification, fixation: they are just some of the typical applications which are performed daily in histology laboratories. To fasten the times and enhance the quality of these standard applications, Milestone has designed a multifunctional and flexible device, to perform 7 typical laboratory applications. What you will learn how to fasten processing protocols how to efficiently perform decalcification How to improve your lab workflow WATCH WEBCAST Watch Webinar Recording window.hsFormsOnReady = window.hsFormsOnReady || []; window.hsFormsOnReady.push(()=>{ hbspt.forms.create({ portalId:...

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