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Unique tracking solution to automate manual cassette scanning

T-Tracker Automatic Basket Scanner

Reliable Tracking for Enhanced Patient Safety

Today, reliable traceability of biospecimen data is essential for patient safety, comprehensive case documentation, and quality control. All of this is achievable with Milestone’s Tracking Line, seamlessly integrating into your existing workflow. This solution offers accurate tracking tools to ensure patient safety while establishing error-proof tracking of specimens, eliminating the possibility of duplicate, missing, or incorrectly documented cassettes, barcodes, notes, or tissues.

Unique Dual Sensor Technology

T-Tracker is the innovative tracker that removes the need for manual scanning of cassettes by fully automating this process.
The system combines two advanced technologies to check the presence of the cassettes, count them, and collect cassette codes. Through its exclusive dual sensor technology, the laser sensor and the camera work in synergy with the enhanced software algorithm to guarantee accurate, precise and trustworthy tracking of all cassettes at the first time.
At the completion of each process, T-Tracker provides the operator with all tracking information, locating the cassettes with missing or unreadable codes in the basket if necessary.

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Learn more about the new T-Tracker
Find out all its benefit and how it can provide full traceability of the specimens.
Download T-Tracker’s infographics
A powerful digital tool to visually capture the main features of the new T-Tracker automatic scanner.
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