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Skip the Manual Embedding Step with Synergy

Skip the Manual Embedding Step with Synergy

The conventional Embedding Procedure

Embedding represents one of the most critical bottlenecks in the histology workfl ow. This time-consuming procedure is carried out manually after the tissue processing step. The technician embeds surgical specimens and biopsies one by one, ensuring the correct positioning which is often a cumbersome task. This procedure requires experienced technicians with good manual skills, to obtain optimal conditions for the cutting step.

The new Synergy Technology

Synergy technology is a patented, innovative method to automatically embed tissues as part of the processing protocols. It eliminates the need to reopen the cassettes and reorient the tissues, as necessary with manual embedding. The dedicated rack and consumables in combination with Milestone tissue processor allow automatic embedding of up to 45 cassettes, regardless of the type of tissues and their dimensions.

The Synergy technology system is composed of a specially designed rack, dedicated molds and pads. The sponges used for the pads ensure the correct flat positioning of the specimens and easier cutting at the microtome stage. Synergy completely removes the tedious and time-consuming manual steps through a single tissue processing and embedding protocol.
Synergy Tissue Processing and Auto-embedding All-in-one

Want to know more?

Learn more about the new Synergy, Autoembedding Technology
Find out all its benefit and how it can improve your laboratory workflow.
Live Webinar “How to Auto-embed with your Tissue Processor”
Our Specialist discusses the common challenges related to manual embedding and shows an innovative approach for auto-embedding inside your tissue processor.

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