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Automatic Rack Scanner

Save Time with Automatic Tracking

R-Tracker is an innovative tracking system that replaces the manual scanning of all rack’s cassettes through the complete automation of this process. Compatible with Milestone’s racks, it guarantees accurate and reliable traceability in just a few seconds.
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R-Tracker Automatic Rack Scanner


enables 1-click tracking


for reliable tracking


 for easy rack placement

Fast Tracking

With R-Tracker the operator can reduce the tracking time to 15 seconds for 70 standard cassettes. This rapid and automatic scanning saves a great amount of time, thereby enhancing the laboratory workflow so that the operator’s skills can be used for other tasks.
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Simple and Automatic

Manual cassette scanning is a time-consuming and error-prone process, as operators need to manually scan the cassettes one by one.
Through unique and innovative technology, R-Tracker automatically scans all the cassettes present in the rack, providing accurate data on the number of cassettes and their corresponding codes. The user-friendly interface enables the tracking of specimens data with just one click.
Simple and automatic tracking with just one click

Accurate Documentation

Simultaneous and accurate counting and scanning is guaranteed through a double-sensor technology that checks the presence of the cassette and its corresponding code. At the completion of each scan, R-Tracker shows a comprehensive tracking overview with the number of cassettes and codes detected and potential warning messages in case of mismatched and/or duplicate codes. A laser pointer also indicates their exact position in the basket.
  • READ codes (green)
  • MISSING or UNREADABLE codes (red)
  • DUPLICATES codes (orange)
Accurate Documentation



R-Tracker is integrated with MileWATCH software for monitoring and tracking the specimens, thus creating complete and easily accessible documentation. In addition, all data acquired can be easily shared with the Laboratory Information System (LIS) to better improve specimens’ chain of custody.
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Huge Time Savings

In today’s lab environment, where time pressures are everywhere and personnel shortages are becoming the new norm, the need for automation is greater than ever. R-Tracker is designed to overcome these realities by enhancing laboratory efficiency and optimizing its workflow, giving the possibility to eliminate manual cassette scanning which is time-consuming and absorbs valuable operator time.
95% time saving with R-Tracker
Comparison of the operator time in hours on one year basis (equivalent to 300.000 specimens, 1000 cassettes/day).



Overall Manual Scanning



Saved Every Year

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