Milestone is striving to improve the laboratory work environment by developing safer and greener reagents, for offering the best histological results joined to a granted compatibility to our units.

Important steps in the histological specimens preparation, such as fixation, decalcification and processing, can be dramatically shortened in time by improving the instrumentation power-saving features through our line of products.

Our FineFIX, JFC Solution and MoL-DECALCIFIER are designed and developed for maximizing Milestone units’ performance.

Dedicated to Frozen Sections, MCC gives an unrivalled blocks consistency for a smoother frozen blocks cutting and a preserved histological architecture.

Great attention is also given to the development of reagents, with the goal to eliminate operators exposure to toxic reagents such as xylene and formaldehyde, for a safer laboratory environment.

All Milestone reagents are Xylene-Free, including the cleaning solution Rack Cleaning Solution.

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