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24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

Track, Monitor, and Manage Specimens throughout their journey

MileWATCH is a unique tracking tool that provides traceability from the OR to, and through, AP.
Its full integration with the Milestone preanalytical line enables protocol details and sample progress to be captured throughout its journey. MileWATCH is also a 24/7 remote monitoring system that allows Milestone units to be continuously monitored, and a workflow management system for optimizing the efficiency of tissue processing.
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MileWATCH - 24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

Specimen Traceability from OR to AP

MileWATCH, seamlessly integrated with Milestone units to empower operators to meticulously track biospecimens through every stage of their journey, starting from their collection in the OR and extending to subsequent steps in the AP laboratory. This cutting-edge system ensures the secure storage of crucial information gathered at each stage, guaranteeing the comprehensive traceability of specimens and facilitating convenient access at any given moment. Specimen Case Search is the dedicated function which enables the possibility to view specimen history across all Milestone units and to retrace every step of the process and the related protocol, starting with collection.
MAGNUS Tissue Processor

Specimen Collection

The specimen is collected in buckets or vacuum sealed bags. MileWATCH collects all details (case ID, formalin ratio, specimen weight, bucket/bag ID, temperature and time) and makes them available to the AP laboratories.

Lab Accessioning Process

MileWATCH collects any additional container’s details (barcodes, QR codes, notes and images) to ensure a more complete specimen’s documentation.


MileWATCH collects digital documention (images, videos and voice notes) taken during the grossing step which allows users to create valuable diagnostic reports and a later consultation by pathologists.

Cassette Scanning

MileWATCH collects the cassettes’ codes through manual scanning or through automatic trackers that detect any missing codes, duplicates or mismatches.

Tissue Processing

MileWATCH provides easy access to all process details (reagents, user, protocol, unit SN and time) by collecting information directly from the tissue processors.
Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

From the convenience of their desks, operators can oversee the daily operations of the laboratory by remotely viewing the process status of the units. In this way, users can monitor the functioning of each Milestone unit and remotely access all the logs of the connected instruments.

Workflow Optimization

MileWATCH software allows you to view and control the samples in real time. These comprehensive features enable lab managers to identify potential bottlenecks and improve the planning of upcoming processing runs, maximizing the efficiency of the lab’s workflow and reducing turnaround time.
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Workflow Optimization

Integration with LIS

Integration with LIS

MileWATCH collects and stores the data and information in the system database and can be interfaced with the LIS through the local LAN. MileWATCH requires a single integration with LIS even when multiple Milestone systems are connected. Sorting by the specific case ID, any information can be easily retrieved so that operators can consult all the data related to a specific case.

Instant Notifications

MileWATCH can send emails, voice calls, SMS or WhatsApp messages to the designated user(s), providing all necessary information for a prompt action to assure trouble-free operations. Notification type and recipients can be customized based on the specific lab’s needs. MileWATCH notifications encompass key steps and issues such as process started/ completed, operator’s action required and alarm messages.
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