An Innovative Center for Macro Digital Documentation of Small Biopsies


A user-oriented capture and storage system for digital macro images of small biopsies

In today’s laboratory approximately 40-60% and in some instances up to 95% of specimens are endoscopic biopsies. Handling of these small specimens (3-20 mm) takes place in large, bulky grossing stations designed for very large surgical samples.

WorkSTATION has been developed to fill this technology gap and to document this manual step for patient safety and QA purposes. It dramatically reduces specimen turn-around time at the grossing station compared to conventional handheld systems.


Quality assurance? No problem!

The MacroPATH, a user- oriented capture and storage system for macro images of patient specimens, is integrated with the WorkSTATION.

It dramatically reduces specimen turnaround time at the grossing station compared to conventional shoot and capture handheld systems. Autofocus, auto-light adjustment, and hands free operation through a foot pedal enable users to concentrate on the patient case without manual intervention.


    Optimal working position with motorized Up & Down table height
    Down and Back draft ventilations with frontal protection shield
    Fully equipped All-in-one system with Digital imaging system integrated. On wheels for the ease of unit positioning. Plug & Play unit
    Cases’ full documentation, with compatibility with any existing LIS/PACS. Case ID superimposed on any picture taken
    Teaching and Second opinion ready system. The integrated MacroPATH serves for legal evidences and its Hi Res images are available at any time for publication or digital presentation

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