TissueSAFE plus

Placenta Tissue Collection and Management System

seal and preserve placenta

Seal & Preserve Placentas

TissueSAFE plus is an innovative and patented vacuum system which eliminates the need for formalin in labor and delivery and allows for a controlled, formalin-free, transfer of placentas.

  • No exposure to carcinogenic formalin fumes
  • Placentas are sealed and preserved fresh under vacuum
  • Clean handling and storage of sealed placentas
  • No buckets, reduced potential for spills and transportation issues
  • Storage space saving

Why TissueSAFE plus for Placentas?

    Improved management of Placenta tissue. Tissue is preserved without the use of formalin for more efficient handling. Eliminate bulky containers. All specimens are stored in vacuum sealed bags, making transportation to Pathology, or release to patients, easy, safe and possible.
    Fully automated and enclosed operations. On-board HEPA filter.
    Vacuum sealed bags will significantly reduce storage space required for archiving.
    No formalin used, neither purchased nor disposed. Lower disposal costs thanks to a decreased volume of bio-hazardous material in vacuum bags.
Stand-up vacuum-sealed bags

Stand-up vacuum-sealed bags

A professional barrier against infective agents, undesired smells and toxic formalin fumes! Use a fraction of the storage space standard containers require. Milestone’s bags make storage and tissue transportation more cost effective and safer.

  • Dual thermal sealing ensures reliability in sealing.
  • Re-sealable up to four times, economic reuse for additional specimen access and archival.
  • Made of dioxin-free plastic, the disposal of Milestone’s vacuum bags is environmentally-friendly.
  • Milestone’s vacuum systems and vacuum-sealed bags eliminate the risks of formalin handling.


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