Rack Cleaning Solution

The Xylene Substitute

Rack Cleaning Solution

Replacing xylene both at the cleaning and mounting process

Rack Cleaning Solution is a solvent, consisting of iso-paraffins and replaces xylene both at the clearing and mounting process. Moreover it can be used for cleaning purposes for paraffin contaminated items, for example in HistosMATE module.
When heated this solution becomes highly effective in the extraction lipids from biological tissue.

Rack Cleaning Solution is an almost odorless, non-carcinogenic solvent and has the properties to solve fat and paraffin. Its formulation of low toxicity overcomes the drawbacks commonly associated with the xylene, a hazardous product for the human nervous system. Rack Cleaning Solution also provides optimal structural preservation of fat cells structure, nuclear and cytoplasmic morphology.

Product ID: 51417C
Available tank: 4 gal. ready to use

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