Automatic Rack Scanner

Save time with Automatic Tracking

Manual cassette scanning is a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task, as operators need to manually scan the cassettes one by one, to track the steps of the histological process. R-Tracker removes the manual scanning of all the rack’s cassettes through the complete automation of this process.

  • Automatic scanning of cassettes
  • Rapid tracking (as little as 30 seconds)
  • Accurate and complete documentation available in just a few seconds
  • Up to 95% time savings, compared to manual scanning
  • Easily exported formats for improved documentation

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Why R-Tracker?

    The intuitive and user-friendly software enables tracking specimens in just one click. R-Tracker automatically scans all the cassettes present in the rack, providing accurate data on number of the cassettes and the corresponding cassette codes.
    Rapid automatic scanning saves time, enhancing the laboratory workflow so that the operator’s skills can be used for other tasks.
    R-Tracker provides three-in-one operations: Scan, Check and Track. Simultaneous and accurate counting and scanning is accomplished through a double-sensors technology. R-Tracker detects any missing or unreadable codes, securing the integrity of each batch.
    When R-Tracker is integrated with MileWATCH software for monitoring and tracking the specimens, it creates a complete database. The documentation can be shared throughout the LIS.
    Manual cassettes scanning is a time-consuming step that takes up valuable operator time. The R-Tracker is designed to enhance the efficiency of the laboratory by automating this process, thus optimizing workflow and improving traceability and trackability.

Antimicrobial protection

R-Tracker is painted with antimicrobial powder coating, to provide protection against the growth and proliferation of microbes.


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