The One Step Dehydration and Clearing Solution


The recommended solution for processing small, non-fatty biopsies

ProWAVE is Milestone’s proprietary blend of alcohols that provides one step dehydration and clearing. ProWAVE combines the advantages of ethanol and isopropyl in a single solution which is easy to use.

The formulation reduces the possibility of over-processed and brittle tissues. ProWAVE is Xylene, Acetone and Toluene Free!

Available in two formulations: ProWAVE Clear and ProWAVE Blue.

Prowave Blue includes a blue color indicator that signals when a reagent change is required with the added benefit of enhancing visualization of samples using a light blue tint.

Product ID: 51410C (blue) – 51411C (clear)
Available packages</b >: 4×1 gallon case

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