Monitor and Control the Status of Milestone Units Throughout the Day and Night


24/7 Monitoring & Alert System + Batch Tracking

MileWATCH is a 24/7 monitoring & alert system that constantly monitors Milestone units throughout the day and night and alerts operators/manager in case of failures or alerts. Alert levels are customizable. MileWATCH can call and/or text Managers when issues are detected overnight or throughout the day.

MileWATCH analytics provide the data for managers to improve their lab’s workflow.

Compatible with existing Laboratory PCs and Servers, MileWATCH works without the need for an internet connection; with all related information securely stored within the local LAN.

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Why MileWATCH?

  • Monitor the process in real-time
  • Receive notifications by email, call or text
  • Obtain event logs and log files (service and application advanced support)
  •  LIS connection ready

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