HistoDream Microtomes

Automated & Semi-automated Microtomes

Why HistoDream Microtome

Milestone’s line of microtomes enable excellent cutting quality and improved lab efficiency. The built-in features of these microtomes ensure the highest operational safety and the ergonomics minimize user fatigue and prevent injuries. The automated and semi-automated microtomes offer the highest flexibility to match your current and future needs.

Everything to meet your needs:

Semi-Automated and Automated Microtomes

HistoDream M

HistoDream M
HistoDream AM

HistoDream AM
Microtome type
Built-in touchscreen with settings and memory function
Sideways-sliding blade holder (bidirectional)
Blade holder with finger guard
Motorized coarse feed
0-position indication in x and y directions
360° orienting head
Large waste tray (1,7 L) with antistatic coating
Balanced handwheel
Compatible with low- and high-profile blades
Specimen clamps available
Standard, SuperMega and quick release
Standard, SuperMega and quick release
Automated electrical brake
External keypad with control knob (optional)
Foot switch (optional)
External control mouse (optional)
Biospecimen Tracking System (optional)
EasyCUT, static charges remover (ancillary unit)

Tracking for Accurate Diagnosis

The HistoDream automated and semi-automated microtomes offer unique tracking capabilities. During cutting, the histotechs have access to all the information collected during the grossing step. Simply by scanning the cassette, the operator will be able to retrieve the digitized images taken during grossing in order to compare with the embedded cassette, thus addressing potential mismatched numbers, sizes, or types of specimens and ensuring chain of custody.


Remove electrostatic charges with EasyCUT

EasyCUT neutralizes the electrostatic charges that often occur during cutting, helping technicians obtain a perfect, non-sticky, wrinkle-free ribbon, without chattering effect that is easy to transfer to the water bath.