Pathology Gross Digital Imaging System

«A picture is worth a thousand words» …and a digitally recorded picture is worth even more

Milestone launched in 1998 the first digital macro imaging system for pathology and ever since has built on decades of experience and satisfied users. Our technology has enabled laboratories to implement better quality assurance oversight, reduce specimen description time, and provide greater accuracy.

The new MacroPATH is a user-friendly system that provides high-resolution images, video and audio files. It can be mounted to fit any existing grossing station or used as a stand-alone system.

  • Icon-driven, user friendly software
  • The stored images form a powerful database for QA, teaching and research
  • Connection to remote transmission facilities allows telepathology consultations
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Installable in your existing workstation

Improved productivity and workflow

For the grossing room the quality is assured and images are optimized. In addition to stand-alone operations, MacroPATH can be interfaced with a PACS or LIS.


#01 | 20 MPX Industrial Digital Camera

Autofocus, auto light adjusting and 30x Optical magnification (and 4x Digital magnification) to capture outstanding quality images, in JPG format. Camera magnification range, up to a total 120x, allows for capture of large to minute details and the built-in leds make the images sharper.

#02 | Waterproof 19” Touch Screen Terminal

Point Of Care (POC) unit features color touch-screen TFT-LCD in a splash and dust-proof IP65 enclosure. Fanless, i7 processor, with USB ports.

#03 | USB Waterproof Keyboard

It is equipped with IP68 dust/water protection.

#04 | Foot Control

A foot control module for handsfree manipulation of major camera functions (zoom-in/out, save and record).

Why MacroPATH?

    Macro images and MP3 files of descriptive text available to all pathologists at time of sign-off.
    MacroPATH can be positioned over the examining table to acquire images and detail of excised organs.
    Auto light adjustment and auto focus – never touch the camera and optical zoom controlled by pedal.
    Interact with with sizes, shapes, blocks location and much more directly on the screen.
    Audio annotations to the images, and also record video to create a more descriptive record of the autopsy, necropsy, or forensic case
    The MacroPATH software includes a powerful tagging and searching file retrieval system.
    In addition to stand-alone operation, MacroPATH can interface with a PACS or LIS through coded solution or TWAIN mode

Automated Visual Biopsy Capturing

The revolutionary C-Scan option for MacroPATH, specifically designed for biopsies, enables the operator to automatically collect all digital documentation in just a second. By placing the cassette under the laser beam, the MacroPATH algorithm instantly recognizes the code, creates the case folder and takes a picture with a preset zoom. This feature prevents human errors and mismatches by providing an automated process to collect and store digital documentation of biopsies.


The HistoDream Tracking System

The HistoDream Tracking System empowers Histotechs to visually match grossed specimens to processed specimens before embedding by retrieving the digitized images of each cassette taken at the time of grossing and comparing those images to the cassette at the time of embedding. Detection of mismatched number, size or type of specimens before embedding allows for early corrective actions.

Available for any type of embedding station.

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